Anne frank

Biography :

Annelies Marie Frank, more known under the name of Anne Frank, was born in 1929 in Frankfurt am Main in the Weimar Germany. She lived the major part of her life in theNetherlands and died in 1945 in Nazi Germany.
She was the second girl of Otto Heinrich Frank and Edith Hollander. Of Jewish German origin, at the age of 4, Anne Frank and her familyleft the Nazi Germany for Holland in 1933, during Hitler’s coming to power.
In 1940, Holland was occupied and in 1942 the regime Nazi ( Nazi regime ) imposed on the Jews to wear ayellow star ( here on the shirt ). Anne’s father decided to hide with his family in a premises hidden behind his company,( I mean ) in his working place called Opekta.It is in thisstuffy space that are going to settle down and to live eight persons in July 1942 whose Otto and Edith Frank ( Anne‘s parents ), Margot( Anne’s sister ), Fritz Pfeffer( a Jewish dentistsir ) and Mrs.Van Pels with their son Peter.
Become an teeanage girl, she dreamed about cinema and journalism. That’s why Anne kept a diary, that she drafted in Dutch, from June 12th,1942 till August 1st, 1944. She called it « Kitty » and told her the life in the annex, her fear of living hidden in this place during several years, her feelings for Peter, her conflictwith her parents and her wish to become a writer.
In August the 4th, she and her family are arrested and deported after a denunciation. Anne is then transported to the concentrationcamp of Bergen-Belsen, in Germany, where she died in 1945 reached (affected) by the typhoid, at the age of 15, some weeks before the end of the war. His father, the only survivor ofAuschwitz, published his daughter’s diary in 1947.
Anne Frank’s diary is a proof of the sufferings endured ( beared ) by the oppressed of the Nazism during the Second World War.