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Characterization of Manolin

Manolin is one of the two main characters in Hemingway’s “The Old Man and The Sea”, published in the US in 1952 by Charles Scribner’s Sons. The novel “The Old Man andthe Sea” talks about an old fisherman’s final struggle; a story about the greatest catch of his life.Manolin is prManolin is present only in the beginning and at the end of The Old Man and the Sea,but his presence is important because Manolin’s devotion to Santiago highlights Santiago’s value as a person and as a fisherman. esent only in the beginning and at the end of the novel.
Manolin’sphysical appeal is not highly developed by the author. He is a thin, strong teenager.
His presencehighlights the old man’s value as a person and as a fisherman. The boy loves the old man. He makes surehe has everything he needs, from food, blankets and clothes to fishing tools.He enjoyed the time he spent with the old man in the first month and a half and although everybody else thinks that the oldman is a bad fisherman, Manolin trusts him and knows that he is only unlucky.
He is grateful to the old man, as he taught him to fish when he was a child. He is respectful, attentive and devoted.He makes a substantial compromise when he leaves the old man’s skiff after the first 40 days, at his father’s demand.However, at the end of the story, so he says, he will not take this “bargain”anymore. He will join Santiago regardless of the consequences. He shows a lot of motivation, love and respect. The old man is a very important figure in his life; otherwise he wouldnot have decided toneglect his father’s urge. Despite Hemingway’s insistence that his characters were a real old man and a real boy, Manolin’s purity and singleness of purpose elevate him to the level of a symboliccharacter. Manolin’s actions are not tainted by the confusion, ambivalence, or willfulness that typify adolescence. Instead, he is a companion who feels nothing but love and devotion.
For Manolin, his…