Lettre motivation anglais english cover lettertech de co

Dear sir or madam,

As a french 1st year student of a 2 years post A level business course in the university of Bordeaux Montesquieu in the marketing and salestechniques Department, I would like to apply for a summer job from the beginning of July till August, I would be free of charge during these two months, consequently you will beopen to tell me what are your preferences.
This placement in your, as for me, foreign company abroad is an opportunity which makes part of my currently curriculum and Iwill have to report on it, it will be a reflect of my good behaviour and well doing in your company. In view of the fact that this is part of my final exam, this is areal insurance of my will.
In this course programme, we study all the subjects which can be us as advantage in your firm such as accounting, marketing, market studies,economics, communication techniques, trade techniques and law. The emphasis is also put on languages like English and Spain ones and the use of the computer skills:PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office programs.
I will have already acquired some practical experience before the end of June 2009 since May 2009 at theinternational Trade Fair in Bordeaux.
All the more, as you can notice it on my joined C.V, I have previously acquired a practice during sales placement and by jobs in restorationas barman.
I had notice your company by seeking on the internet and special revue, which permit myself knowing the good reputation of your company.
A placement in yourcompany would permit me to grow up my experience and would allow me to put all my knowledge into your service.
I look forward reading from you soon.
Best regards,