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Lingerie in Arab Countries: Aubade case |
08/02/2011 |

Intercultural Management
Case study assignment

Aubade has managed to become one of the mostfamous lingerie brands on the French market, basically thanks to the impact of the publicity campaign: “Leçon N°…” since 1992.
Aubade benefits from a real know how inherited from its past as a small sized traditional firm.
The Aubade’s strategy consists in providing high quality products but at reasonable prices. But their product line remains very tight. .
And now the French brand tends todevelop internationally.
But this international expansion of the brand still represents a small amount of sales. Aubade basically remains a national firm. Its attempts to expand on the international market are slowed by the concurrence of multinational brands such as Victoria’s Secret who benefit from a huge economic power that enables them to spread around the world. On the opposite, Aubade’spower on the international market is still weak.

What about Arabic countries to develop theirs ranges?
How to develop this market without offending potential customers?

Analysis of cultural differences:
Dress is more traditional in Saudi Arabia, and less traditional in Egypt. Traditional Arab dress features the full length body cover (abaya, jilb?b, or chador) and veil (hijab).Concerns of modesty are the reason for the dress. The most devoted women cover their faces as well as the bodies in veils. Rural women, who typically work in the fields, may wear less restrictive garments lighter in color and weight.
In Arab countries the main religion is Islam. Sex in this culture is very taboo. We cannot imagine the Aubade’s ad in Egypt or Syria.
For example in Egypt most of theunderwear seller is a man.
Strangely, the growth of the market of the fine lingerie is stressed by Arabic traditions. Indeed, before the marriage the husband has to put some money aside to pay the dowry to the family of the bride. The bride has to constitute a collection of lingerie for the honeymoon.
When a woman gets married, she wishes to be the most beautiful possible for her husband.
Duringthe Ramadan, the Muslims decrease their sexual relations. From the end of Ramadan, the Arabic world is invaded by laces and bras in satin. During this period, a lot of parties with family are organized and end at soon in the morning, what leaves only few of intimacy in the couples.
Moreover, March is the high season of the marriages.
These 2 elements thus influence strongly the demand andprovoke a spectacular increase of the sales of lingerie: in February and March an increase of the sales about 60 % in average.
Indeed, the veiled woman is covered all the time. Even at the house, if somebody rings, she has to cover himself. When she is alone or with her husband, she wants to feel sexy. The lingerie is the only way of expressing it « . It is not thus surprising that there is a bigdemand. The tastes in the modes of the lingerie are similar to the occidental tastes. The women of Saudi Arabia are very fond of articles in the last fashion even if outside they wear their long dress and their veil. These articles are usually available in the specialized stores which are all the rage in the Arabic world. “God does not disapprove of the relations between a man and a woman, explainsa young woman the sexy lingerie is not thus something of against the Islam”, explains Mohamed Ayed Alenezi, person in charge of a company of underwear, “the Islam encourages a man and a woman to like one to another when they are at home”.
All this indication show the big difference between Arabic and occidental world.
Arabic world is typically a masculine country, opposite to France which is…