Sunday bloody sunday

Sunday, bloody Sunday

=> should I read ?
-“Sunday, Bloody Sunday” is a song by U2, a rock band from Ireland.
-the lead singer’s name is Bono. He’s well-known because he has won the nobel pricefor his commitment against poverty and starvation in developing countries. He’s also a human right activist.
-This song was written in 1982, ten years after the event “Bloody Sunday” which took placein Londonderry, a catholic town in the North of Ireland, a catholic town in majority whereas the rest of North Ireland is protestant.
-A peaceful demonstration was organised on a Sunday for therespect of human rights and for the end of discrimination by the authorities against catholics. But it turned bad. Indeed, british soldiers shot 27 civilians and 13 people died including 7 teenagers. Itcreated a hudge shock all over the world.
Then, in reaction of this event Irish people got involved in a terrorist organisation, the IRA : the Irish republican armee wich became very populaur amongyoung people.
-the lyrics of the song describe and denounce what happened. Nowaday it’s one of the most symbolic song of the Irish band.
-I will present my commentary in 3 parts :
first I will showthat this song is a message against violence
then I will focus on the fact that the song is a criticism of TV
to finish I will analyse the singer’s feelings

* So first, according to the singer,violence has lasted too long, it’s underlinded with the repetition of violence description. He’s weary of violence, he askes several time the same question l.3 “how long”.
On l.12, the singer wants toshow that violence doesn’t resolve the problem, “there’s many lost but tell me who was won?” there is no winner, but only victims. That’s why violence it’s absurd, pointless. The methaphor l.7 “deadend street” stands for the uslessness and the meaningless of violence.
Moreover, the singer underlines the cruelty of violence. Some visual elements evoque death and let us make a picture of it in…