In the early 60’s, prices were stable and were not rising quickly. Kennedy, however, wanted to stimulate economic growth and reduce unemployment; both usually not occurring at the same time without inflation. His policy worked at the beginning but starting 1965, inflation reached an annual increase of 4,5% every year until 1970. The principal reason of this instability was the war inVietnam because the government was spending more money than they had to finance the different aspects of the war. To slow down this inflation, Johnson had to set up an increase of taxes (about 10 billion dollars) and reduce his spending of about 6 billion dollars. This swinging economy affected the American society in the way that the inflation affected the US economic growth and people were morecareful about their spending. It also showed the beginning of the Johnson administration’s breakdown.

The American economy was swinging during the 60’s. It started at a culminant point but gradually declined a little bit every year. The dollar went through two crises in 1963 and 1968, which left the United States dollar in poor shape. The inflation was rising and it affected theeconomic growth at the same time. During this decade, the United States tried to improve its trade with other nations, especially European’s one. Also women became an important part of the economic system which helped to fight against poverty because they then were able to earn money for their family too. African Americans were also begun taking action in the economic growth. The US economy duringthis decade had seen some positive and negative points but even though Kennedy’s and Johnson’s goals were not fully reached, the society and the government were trying as hard as they can to improve the situation.

The sixties was a time of great rebellion among the baby boomer generation. We chose the swinging sixties because everything in this era was escalating and declining dueto the changes occurring, from politics to fashion, successes to hardships. This decade consisted of numerous assassinations from President Kennedy to Martin Luther King, Jr. Pop music was introduced and started a new trend of hair styles and clothing. The United States’ economy fluctuated and main goal was to stabilize the dollar. The use of LSD drugs appeared in this decade and was popularamongst rebellious teenagers and adults known as hippies. The sixties were a time of change. People fought for their rights and expressed how they felt towards situations. It was a time of great struggle but together they have overcome.

Today’s society can learn many things from the sixties, both good and bad. Now days, people don’t tend to fightfor rights in peaceful ways. They get into violent demonstrations which then lead to more deaths and less success on their part. If only they would look back at the sixties and learn from then, they may be more successful in their struggle. Yes, it may take time but threw time success will come. Another thing people today can learn from the sixties era is that the use of LSD was bad and came withmany risks. There are obviously more things to do for fun in this decade other than sit around and take drugs all day. Ever since the landing on the moon, in the late sixties, we have gained so much knowledge of the solar system. The overall main thing today’s society can learn from the sixties is perseverance. Those in the sixties fought numerous battles of struggle and hardships yet they nevergave up. Together, they were one big alliance fighting for freedom. Either against the Vietnam War or against segregation, they had a devoted goal and a passion to pursue it. People today can take that as an example to how they can get what they want by reaching their goals. If it could be done in the sixties, it can be done now.

In the sixties, there was a…