Laura clemente


At your arrival, we will ask you, on top of the caution of 1000 euros, a “cleaning caution” amounting to 45 euros.

It will bekept if :

– You choose to take the “house keeping” option at the end of your stay.
– You choose to do the cleaning yourself, butthe house is not returned in its initial state. In that case, we will have to keep a part or the entire amount of the caution.

The houseis appropriate for 5 people, we can’t accommodate more for security reasons. However, we can accept exceptionally one or 2 additionalguests. The price for all additional bedding by night is 30 euros per person.

Concerning the cleaning of the kitchen, PLEASE DO NOT USE thesponge’s scraper on the stainless steel parts(just use a rag with the vinegar spray under the sink), DO NOT cut anything directly upon thecounter’s suface. You will find a plank at your disposal for this use in a drawer.

In the event of fire, please use the fire extinguisherplaced in the cupboard near the bathroom.

In the presence of children, think of closing the fence put at your disposal at the top of thestaircase.

For hygiene reasons, pets are forbidden in the house.

It is also purely forbidden to smoke in the house (smoke detectors havebeen installed)

These rules are made in order to respect the next tenents who will stay after you.

Thank you for your attention.