Marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s biography

Her real name is Norma Jeane Mortenson , she was born in the 1st june 1926 in Los Angeles , California and she died in the same city on august 1962.
She was famous forher scandals like being nude in a calendar or being the woman of the president : John Kennedy .
She had always got a complicated private life that why the press was so interested in her . She wasfirst married at 16 , with Jim Dougherty a neighboor , the marriage was arranged by her family. So she started a housewife life but she quickly felt bored and decided to work for the army during thewar. There, an army photograph take a picture of her and discovered her beauty. She became a model and blonde to be more attractive . Her model’s carrier made her divorce in 1946. The century foxmade her changed her name : Marilyn Monroe , Marilyn from the actress Marilyn Miller and Monroe from her mother.
After this , she acted in Love Happy (La pêche au trésor) and in The Asphalt Jungle(Quand la ville dort). The fox hired her but the racy calendar with the picture of her nude made a scandal and to apologize she only said that she needed money.
Then she married Joe DiMaggio a base-ballidol but they only stayed 9 month together , he couldn’t afford with her success and the regard of the other men .
Then she began a relationship with Arthur Miller , a dramatic author . Marilynbecame jude for him. In july 1956 , she made a nervous breakdown due to a miscarriage
But she accepted the role in Some like it hot , she made a second miscarriage and even the succes and the GoldenGlobe for the movie couldn’t stop it . She divorced for the third time in 20 january 1961. She became more and more depressed , alcoholic and dependent to the pills
In 1962 , she might had arelationship with Robert Kennedy and with the president: she sang for his birthday the famous song : “Happy birthday mister president”
She died in a bathroom but the reasons of her death are still no known….